What is true Christianity?

I met with someone today for some food and we were talking about his faith and how he makes sense of things. He said to me that he understands and loves the part of Christianity that he experienced which has its focus on Jesus and following His teaching of (and I paraphrase) loving God and loving others. 

He did however say he finds it quite difficult to agree with the Christianity that he grew up around that had strong and fixed ideas on matters such as the age of the earth and the dismissal of things like evolution.

On reflection, I’m beginning to feel that his heart may be closer to the heart of Jesus more than he may realise. Whether willingly or unwillingly our faith has been known for its ideas on matters like this, in panels and endless articles – when Jesus himself didn’t worry himself with debates on things like the age or shape of the Earth. 

What Jesus seemed to concern Himself with was the relationship people had with the Father and the relationships people had with each other. Not that these other things aren’t important, just maybe it doesn’t require so much energy. I hope people like him will continue to search the scriptures for the truth of God’s heart, I hope we all do. 


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