Hidden love

Just reading through the book of proverbs and came across this verse: 

“Better is open rebuke than hidden love.” Proverbs 27:5

I’m pondering this verse and am still wondering what to make of it. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do comment below! 

#transparency #idontknoweverything


7 thoughts on “Hidden love

      1. Firstly I love it because it expresses hidden wisdom – opening your eyes to how God perceives/calculates things. I.e, that love – though a virtue, is deemed less valuable than, arguably a negative expression such as rebuke, when it it not revealed….or ‘exchanged’ for anything. If you rebuke or chastise someone, at least you may get some sort of response in return, but if you love someone and don’t reveal it, there is no reaping. The trait itself hasn’t lost it’s value, but unless the trait is revealed, it can’t be exchanged for anything – so essentially it is worthless. Love as a seed has the potential to produce way more than it is on it’s own…..but only once it is invested – and this for me is why God despises it’s concealment – because of it’s potential. So say rebuke weighed -500, and love was +1000 in value….how much does it take for love’s essence to be reduced to less than open rebuke in God’s eyes? When it is hidden. Think of the parable of the man with his talents….

        This then shows me how much emphasis God places on the Truth, and how much He ‘requires truth in the inner-man’…


  1. A friend/family member says something/does something that’s not the best, and because you don’t want to hurt their feelings you don’t say anything. In the end it’s not helpful as they may continue with that behaviour/attitude. If they are true they will accept the rebuke….in love 🤔🤔

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