Let the sea praise Him

I’ve been in Malta over the last few days and it has been beautiful. Taking some time away with a few friends to enjoy the beauty of creation and eat lots of food. 

One night we decided to take a walk along the shore and we had a look at the stars. Shining so brightly – always a pleasure for me, being from the city, stars are hard to see. Even in the dark of night; it was beautiful. This phrase came to my head whilst we were gazing: 

“You don’t need music to worship God”

The roaring of the sea crashing on the rocks, the bright lights of the night sky seem to be worshiping God – declaring His goodness. 

Then whilst watching the waves this afternoon in this picture I wondered – what would it look like for us to praise God like the sea does? To just have our very being speak volumes. The sea needs to be nothing else than the sea to declare the goodness of God. 



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