Special Treatment

I get the bus to work most days. At least 3 days a week, to and from work. I often get a student single and if I am getting a lot of busses I will get a day saver. It’s good to save!

I have noticed though that most of the time when I present my day saver, the bus driver takes a lot longer to inspect it than other people. I have to hold it a little closer and just a bit longer than everyone else it seems. It’s very kind of the driver to make sure everything is ok šŸ™‚Ā 

I often get special treatment at other places like supermarkets where the security guard watches my every move as I walk down the isle to purchase a drink or some delicious mangos – it’s very kind that they want to make sure I’m okay, but I do wonder why I’m so special.

I used to think it was my clothes, my big blue Orlando Magic coat maybe would imply I’m in need of more assistance than everyone else, but I’ve found this isn’t the case. In sixth form I used to have to wear a business suit everyday for two years – I still was followed by security guards and my bus pass was always triple checked.

Maybe it’s because I’m a young male I thought, maybe because I’m 22 I require extra attention. I found this wasn’t the case either as observed my housemate get on the same bus as me – we’re both the same age , both from the midlands. The only thing that’s much different is I’m black and he’s white – but I can discard that because this is the UK and racism died many years ago. When he gets on a bus, nobody double checks his card so it’s not because I’m a young male.

So in my conclusion, I want to thank all establishments for taking extra precautions with me. It’s very kind, and I feel very loved and respected as an equal citizen in the U.K.

Much love,

Jerome (currently sitting on such a bus)


10 thoughts on “Special Treatment

  1. You’re very good at writing Jerome! I don’t usually read people’s blogs but I enjoyed this post and whats really nice is the way you can write about something that may actually annoy you sometimes, but put a fun a light hearted spin on it! Well written!

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  2. You’re always so clever with the things you do! Keep writing and spreading messages.

    P.s. Loveee the special treatment we get!


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