The IKEA moment

What I’m about to describe may be hard for some of you to read, it was sure hard for me to write it

The other day I was at work in Crosby at our cafe (storyhouse cafe). And as a barista I try to get to know the people in the area and basically make friends with customers – I consider that the most important part of my job. 

This guy comes up to the counter, he looks nothing like me. Probably late 30s early 40s, and he just wants a cappuccino; strong order – good man. 

That out the way, I asked him how his day was, and he looked at me dead in the face and said “I’ve just got back from IKEA with so-and-so” 

 I replied,  

“I’m so sorry mate,” 

Gave him his drink, and he sat down. No more words needed to be said. 

No wonder why he needed a coffee, this HERO had just braved the gates of hell with nothing to protect him. I was surprised he was still able to walk.

I’m still shaking my head now, I hope he’s okay. . . 


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