Tale of a taximan

I met a taxi driver today, it was his last shift at work and he was absolutely buzzing about it. He couldn’t wait to tell me, at 2pm today he would end his last shift.

Painting/decorating was his passion in life, however he had to pack that in 5 years ago because of the recession – he’s been driving taxis since then and hated it. As far as he was conscerned – this is what he would do for the forseable future. In the 5years he has had 2 weeks off – and that was for hospital. 

Some pressures from work have caused him to have to take his leave from taxing , he’s basically been pushed out. However this has given him time to work out what he really wants to do, thankfully he has decided to take a couple of weeks off and then will get back into his love – painting and decorating. He’s got a couple of weeks work already lined up!

He’s just happy to be able to move forward into something that he loves – I’m happy for him. He says it will be good to wake up and finally get back to looking forward to the day ahead.

Got me thinking, it took 5years to get to a place where he was willing to give his dream a chance again – maybe it could of taken less, maybe it should of been more. There may be people we come across everyday that are in that position, maybe some of us are in that position right now, how do we respond to this?


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