Jerome – A little about me

10665250_10153269306893332_184354161618166591_n-1Hello everyone,

My name is Jerome Daniels, my birthday is the 24th of April and this is my blog.

I have been meaning to write a blog for a couple of years now and have finally got round to starting. After racking my brain I’ve found it very hard to know what to talk about for my very first blog. Lots of questions have been raised to me, do I give a detailed account of what my life has been like so far? Do I tell you what food i like or dislike and give you a detailed description of what political party best represents my views? Fear not, I have decided against that; no doubt all these things and more will be explored throughout the rest of my blogging days 🙂 . I will however try to draw a small picture of what I am like and what you can expect if you carry on reading my blogs in the future.

I’ve named this ‘The Spacious Place’ as I think this title really sums up a lot of what I do or at least try to do with my life. The scripture that it is taken from in the Bible talks about God taking the writer out to a spacious place; delighting in him. I think this is beautiful, as we all can think of times in our lives when life gets too much; a little too cramped and we can feel the pressures coming in. One thing that is helpful is going to an open/spacious place, maybe you have been to some hills or a lake and really had a relaxing experience feeling the vastness of the natural world. Part of what I think my life is about and most likely why that particular scripture resonates with me is just that, to bring a spacious place into peoples lives. I hope that reading my blogs and seeing some of the other things I get up to can bring a bit of openness to your life too!

Now, in order for you to get to know me I will ask some questions I usually ask people when I first meet them…lol

What’s your favourite colour and why?

Black- it’s such a deep colour. It goes well with a lot of other colours and helps to separate things out.

What’s your favourite number?

Seven ofcourse! Such a complete number, continents, days in a week, 7 dwarfs etc

What is your favourite animal?

The Lion! Such a smooth manifestation of beauty, elegance and authority. The King of the jungle, and has such cool big hair!

Favourite food?

Chicken. Why is that even a question?


Well that concludes my first blog, I don’t want to make it too long. Thank you very much for reading it, please do comment your thoughts, I’m up for ideas and all that jazz. Feel free to add me on twitter@JeromesHome_ and on instagram @jeromeshome too! I follow back XD

God Bless,

Jerome Daniels


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